Welcome to Voltic Games. We’re a small indie game development collective from Brisbane, Australia, we’ve been making games since we were kids and we haven’t stopped yet. We started making freeware games for the PC, dabbled in mobile games (eurgh) and now we’re working on our first commercial titles for the PC (and maybe consoles?)

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Our Games

Proof (currently in development) - Read the Devlog

Our first foray into atmospheric and emotional storytelling.

Jatzey RPG (currently in development) - Read the Devlog

A comical RPG Adventure taking place in a huge, varied world.

Nightmerica (May 2013) - View the Microsite

A fast-paced arena-platformer-shooter based around collecting and using randomly generated weapons.

Frantic Fingers (April 2013) - View the Trailer

A collection of minigames, a recreation of an idea from our youth.

Unchain My Heart (Feb 2013) - View the Microsite

A relaxing puzzle game about making chains of numbers.

Run Run Die! (June 2012) - View the Microsite

An infuriatingly hard puzzle platformer crossed with an infinite runner.

EverEternal WinterWorld 2 (2008) - Download It!

An oldie but a goodie, a platformer adventure for the PC.


You can get in touch with us by either emailing support@voltic.com.au or tweeting at any of us, don't be shy!

We're also currently developing Doublejump, but shh it's not ready yet.


The technical lead, currently responsible for programming and art for Proof.


The design lead, currently in charge of design and project management for Proof.


The animation expert, currently developing Jatzey RPG solo.